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Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Submissions

What constitutes a submission?

The initial submission can be one of two things: either a “Proceedings” submission, which is 8 pages, or a “Findings” submission which is 4 pages. One major difference is that proceedings submissions are archival – and cannot be concurrent with other submissions, and must be unpublished work – while “Findings” submissions have no such requirement. Each track has different templates, listed here, under “Quick Submission Instructions”: https://ml4health.github.io/2023/call_for_participation.html

What does “anonymizing” the pdf mean, exactly?

An “anonymized” pdf has no identifying information present in the submitted manuscript. This means removing author information, references to identifying institutions, and references to your prior work as “Our past work”, for example. These instructions apply to both Proceedings & Findings submissions. Please reach out if you have any additional questions!

Is my work a good fit for the venue?

Although we can’t meet with authors 1:1 or judge your work’s chance of being accepted, we welcome you to submit your work to ML4H if your topic fits under the general themes of our Symposium. There’s some additional guidance on this page: https://ml4health.github.io/2023/call_for_participation.html

I would like my paper to be considered for the Findings track as an alternate for the Proceedings track. Should I format my submission to 4 pages?

We recommend you submit your work according to the Proceedings guidelines (8 pages) and it will automatically be considered for the Findings track. You will not be asked to reformat the 8 pages down to 4pgs since you’re already submitting to the longer track.

“Proceedings track submissions that are not accepted will automatically be considered for the Findings track. Findings track submissions cannot be considered for the Proceedings track. Decisions for both tracks will be released simultaneously.”

Do we need to follow ML4H paper formatting guidelines or can we use alternative formats?

The submission must be formatted according to the specified ML4H paper format. In order to avoid auto desk-rejection due to incorrect formatting, please download the template we have provided for this year’s edition and not the old templates related to previous editions.

Reviewer Roles

I’m interested in reviewing for ML4H – who should I contact about this?

Thanks for your interest! Please reach out to us at info@ml4h.cc, and include your email.

I am excited to review for ML4H 2024! However, when I try to accept the invitation, I get the following error: “Error: value is not defined”. Do you have any tips?

Please check if the email associated with your OpenReview account is the same one we invited. If this does not work, reach out directly to OpenReview at info@openreview.net for help troubleshooting this issue.

Will you allow reviewers to bid on papers?

We will not have a bidding process. Each reviewer will indicate their expertise (subject areas and data modalities) on OpenReview, and each submission will also indicate their subject areas and data modalities. The organizing committee will use this information to match reviewers with submissions.

May individuals participate as a reviewer AND submit a paper for consideration?

Yes, you may submit a paper and participate as a reviewer.

Mentorship Programs

Is attendance at the in-person event required to register for the mentorship programs?

In person attendance isn’t required for any of the mentorship programs, but it is for the research roundtables.

Symposium Registration

Is ML4H registration distinct from NeurIPS registration? How can I register without submitting an abstract?

Yes, we are now an independent symposium! Registration for the ML4H Symposium will open later in the Fall for those who are not submitting to the current paper or demo tracks.

Will you be offering travel grants to authors of accepted papers?

We look forward to your submission to ML4H. We may have travel awards for attendees this year depending on the funds raised by the Symposium. More details will be released in mid-November.

Will there be a virtual option to attend ML4H this year?

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to host an online mode of attendance.